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These Website Standard Terms and Conditions written on this webpage shall manage your use of our Website, Maacstudios accessible at https://maacstudios.com.au/.
These Terms will be applied fully and affect your use of this website. By using this website, you agree to accept all terms and conditions. You must not use this website if you disagree with any of these Website’s Standard Terms and Conditions.
You are obligated to the Terms & Conditions stated in this document by checking the box that says, “I have read and accept the terms & conditions,” on our website while signing up.

The Agreement shall serve as the entire understanding between Client and Maacstudios about the Services and the subscription agreement, and client’s terms and conditions (including those found on any purchase orders or other documents submitted by the client) shall not be included in the Agreement unless specifically accepted in writing by Maacstudios.

Purchases/ Payment

The first setup fee will be charged to your credit card when you sign up, and our services won’t start until your designated payment method has been successfully charged. The initial setup charge cannot be refunded in any way.

Subscription Clients

The services provided by Maacstudios are billed based on subscriptions (“Subscription(s)”). Unless a separate arrangement has been reached between Maacstudios and the subscriber, Maacstudios will automatically charge your designated credit card each week for our weekly maintenance fee (in writing)
Maacstudios maintains the right to hire a debt collector and legal assistance at your expense if any unpaid invoices are late by seven days.
Unless Maacstudios is notified of your decision to cancel before the minimum term end date, your Fixed term agreement—which must be for a minimum of 3, 6, or 12 months—will automatically renew at the term date.
Clients are not permitted to pause management with Maacstudios throughout the fixed-term agreement period unless a particular arrangement has been made between Maacstudios and the subscriber.

Taking a break Maacstudios Management (excluding clients with fixed-term contracts or minimum terms)
All clients on hold will have a resumption date that will be decided upon in consultation with the client manager. A Maacstudios representative will contact the subscriber to restart the service after the conclusion of the pause time. If for any reason, the subscriber decides they no longer need Maacstudios services, a 2-week cancellation fee will be assessed.

Termination of Service (Subscription client)

Please notify us in writing if you desire to discontinue or end your Maacstudios management service. We ask for two complete weeks’ notice, and two complete weekly payments will be due at that time. We will continue providing services for the next two weeks until the Agreement is fully completed.
Any unpaid balance after canceling or terminating your relationship with Maacstudios must be paid within 7 days.
Maacstudios maintains the right to hire a debt collector and legal assistance at your expense if any unpaid invoices are late by seven days.
Removal from Service (Fixed term clients – 3,6 & 12 months)
It will be necessary to convey this in writing.
Any unpaid balance after canceling or terminating your arrangement with Maacstudiosmust is paid within 7 days of the cancellation date.
If unpaid debts are more than seven days past due, Maacstudios retains the right to hire a debt collector and legal counsel to help at your expense.
The maximum enforceable penalty rate is applied to unpaid bills.
Your marketing expenses are paid directly to the appropriate parties and separately from our management fee. If you stop using our services, your relationship with the third parties will still exist; your obligation is to keep it active.

Google Ad Words

The following terms and conditions are valid while Maacstudios is in charge of administering your Google AdWords account: –

To manage and optimize your online business, you grant Maacstudios permission to access your Google AdWords account by signing this Agreement. Otherwise, unless Maacstudios is notified of your decision to cancel before your minimum term expires, your Agreement or minimum period will automatically renew at the term date.

The management service provided by Maacstudios is distinct from the “per click” pricing that Google AdWords would bill you for. Your Google AdWords advertising will continue to run and generate Google AdWords “per click” charges even after your management has been terminated. All Google fees are your exclusive responsibility. Any fees that Google assesses you throughout the management time or after Maacstudios cancels your management with them will not be covered by Maacstudios.

Please note that: –

(a) Google, Google AdWords, Facebook/Instagram, Yahoo, and Bing are not Maacstudios
(b) Maacstudios is a “Google Certified Partner” associated with Google. Nevertheless, despite this link, Maacstudios is a different entity/company from Google.
By offering you guidance, knowledge, and technical services about Search Engine advertising/marketing, Maacstudios will make an effort to assist you in achieving your online advertising goals and maintaining we aren’t usually the ones that handle your Google AdWords account or any commercial outcomes connected to Internet marketing.
Maacstudios offers internet marketing services at a reasonable cost. Your chosen business model is neither insured nor underwritten by Maacstudios. You understand that there may occasionally be technical issues that cause internet services to be interrupted.


Maacstudios disclaims all liability for responding to messages, comments, or interacting with Facebook fans on client pages.
Maacstudios and the Client will create and run ads for specially targeted audiences at the client’s cost per click or view.
Facebook is a separate legal person or entity from Maacstudios, and the customer is responsible for all expenses made within Facebook.

Landing Pages

Maacstudios is the owner of all landing pages.
Yes, Digital Landing Pages are included in some packages and are also offered by Maacstudios as an extra item or service for a cost.
A $19 per week hosting fee is associated with the landing page offered by Maacstudiosif you want to keep using it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Maacstudios (from now on referred to as “we,” “us,” “SEO,” or “our”) and You (from now on referred to as “Client/subscriber,” or “you,” respectively) now enter into this Agreement.

Maacstudios offers to offer “Search Engine Optimization” (also known as “SEO” or “Optimized Content Marketing”) to the client. Maacstudios will make an effort to offer the Client the Service promptly. Digital Pty Ltd disclaims all responsibility for delays. We won’t independently inform you of these changes; instead, we will post the updated Terms and Conditions on our website.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Maacstudiosmakes every effort to have the client’s website rank as highly as possible across all search engines, but we cannot guarantee that you will appear on page one or in position one.

The client acknowledges and comprehends that numerous factors can cause a website’s rankings to decline or fall. Client acknowledges that, should this occur, Maacstudios won’t be held responsible for it and won’t offer any discounts or refunds.

Any alterations to the website performed by third parties that have a negative impact on the Client’s Website’s search engine rankings are not the responsibility of Maacstudios.

Search Engine Optimization is not a promise made by Maacstudios that it will improve your Company’s sales, activity, or profits.

The client consents to grant Maacstudios access (usernames/passwords) to all pertinent website-related information so that Search Engine Optimization can be completed promptly.

Maacstudios disclaims any liability for any errors that may happen and cause the Client’s Website to be unavailable.

Customers who make changes to their websites without the assistance of Maacstudios do so at their own risk.

Payment Terms

No work will start until the initial setup cost for search engine optimization has been successfully charged to your designated card by Maacstudios.
Until you have informed Maacstudios of your decision to stop the service, this payment will be automatically deducted from the designated credit card you selected.
While the Agreement is in effect, Maacstudios will continue to offer you Search Engine Optimisation services as long as the invoicing is current and there are no unpaid balances.

Termination of Service

If you want to stop using the service, you must call or email Maacstudiosty Ltd to let them know. For all cancellations involving search engine optimization, Maacstudios requests 30 days’ notice.
If Maacstudios still has access to the necessary accounts, Maacstudios will continue to provide Search Engine Optimisation services during this notice period.
Maacstudios maintains the right to hire a debt collector and legal assistance at your expense if any unpaid invoices are late by seven days.

Payment Terms

Web Design

Maacstudios will only complete work after reaching an agreement via phone or email. An “order” is a minimum written or spoken term between Maacstudios and the client, including arrangements made over the phone or via email.

Although Maacstudios will use all reasonable efforts to keep the website and any scripts or programs free of faults or bugs, Maacstudios will not assume liability for any losses caused as a result of the website or any component of its malfunctioning.

Until all unpaid debts and invoices are in full settlement, the website, graphics, and any programming will continue to be Maacstudios’ property.

Any copyright violations brought on by the materials or content that the customer submits to Maacstudios are not the responsibility of Maacstudios.

Maacstudios will decide whether to make any additions or revisions to the original quotation or Agreement. Any additional fees will be assessed at $140 per hour for any online work.

The client promises to provide Maacstudios with the necessary materials and access as soon as feasible so that the site can be finished to the desired standard and by the deadline.

Due to the inability to fulfill predetermined deadlines or due dates, Maacstudios will not be responsible for any expenses spent, compensation, or loss of earnings. In no event will Maacstudios be accountable for any fees, payment, or loss of profits.

Before any work gets started on a project, a 50% upfront deposit is required. This can only be modified with the client’s and Maacstudios’ consent.

The remaining cash balance is due after a website or project has been designed and finished. There are no exceptions to this rule; if the client changes their mind, they are is still required to pay for the job already completed. If needed, legal action will be taken for non-payment.

We cannot promise that your website will appear in a particular position in search engine rankings. We carry out fundamental search engine optimization following modern best practices. Even though we do provide SEO services, web design projects do not include this service.

Maacstudios (and any subcontractors we hire) now pledge that we will never divulge any of your private information to a third party.

You must pay the remaining sum in full when the deposit has been paid, and the job is finished. If such payments are not made when due, we shall get in touch with clients by phone and email to notify them of it (within 7 days from invoice date)

Access to the associated website may be restricted, and web pages might be deleted if accounts are not settled or Maacstudios has not been notified about the delay.

If an invoice is consistently unpaid, our solicitor may be appointed, and Maacstudioshas the right to seek the assistance of a debt collector and an attorney to help recover the money owed to Maacstudios.

Graphic Design

Terms of service

These terms and conditions apply to all agreements between clients and the Company for providing services in design, printing, copywriting, visual media, websites, brand identification, drawings, and photography (Artwork). Without prior notice from the Company, these Terms and Conditions may change.
The Company and each of its affiliates and contractors are subject to these terms and conditions.

Payment & Fees for service

Before getting started on the client’s project, the Company maintains the right to ask for a deposit. If the Company requests a deposit, an invoice will be created, sent to the client through email, and payment is required.
Before Maacstudios finish any assets or the project, the client must make full payment on all projects.

Approving proofs

The client must approve all design proofs to ensure their accuracy and acceptability. This includes, but is not restricted to, quantity, design, spelling, and grammar. If the evidence is challenging to read or modifications are needed, the client must ask for another copy.


The client recognizes that such information and materials may contain mistakes or inaccuracies and disclaims The Company’s liability for any such errors or inaccuracies to the fullest extent permissible by law.

Deadlines & Delay

Maacstudios cannot be held liable for any work that is delivered late owing to the customer’s fault, such as a delay in reviewing proofs, a delay in providing requested content, or a change in previously provided content. Additionally, Maacstudios is not liable for delays that are not entirely its responsibility, such as printing delays.
If the client needs to reduce or specify a deadline after signing a contract, Maacstudios may be unable to accommodate the request.
Maacstudios is free to make any changes to the estimate supplied if the client requests a shorter timeframe or to specify one.

In the odd event that Maacstudios misses the deadline, the customer has the option to end the Agreement and only pay for work done up to that point, with no further fees. The contract must be upheld if the client still wants to use the service, and upon completion of the work, the client must pay the total sum specified.
The timeline agreed upon in this Agreement is only for design; it does not consider the time required for printing. When establishing the timeline, the customer must keep this in mind.

All conceptual ideas and preliminary artwork and designs remain the Company’s property. The client shall not utilize these Artworks in any unlawful manner. It is forbidden to use artwork before receiving money.
Designed artwork will remain the Company’s property until the balance is paid in full. Only a print management fee for subsequent requests to reprint the same artwork will be charged. Ownership of the copyright shall be given to the client after complete payment of the account. All design components and artwork may still be used by the Company and its designers for self- or portfolio promotion.
The Company disclaims any liability for any trademarking. The client must research trade marking regulations and already-registered trademarks.